Academic Director’s Keynote

Hasrizal Abdul Jamil
Alhamdulillah, solatan wa salaman ’ala Rasulillah. Amma ba’du.
In tracking what people think and say about schooling and education, most of the conversation is about means, rarely about ends. It is something I always remember from what Neil Postman stated in his book, The End of Education. Exams, standardization, technology, grades, ranking, what to teach, what to learn, and so on. Some of these questions are interesting and some are not. But what they have in common is that they evade the issue of what schools are for. It is as if we are a nation of technicians, consumed by our expertise in how something should be done, afraid or incapable of thinking about WHY.
WHY, is not a question to be answered by what our qualification and field of expertise. It is a question of a worldview, how we perceive ourselves, the creations around us and life as a whole.
Khalifah Model School (Secondary) is not just another school. It was the school that convinced me to become a full-time educator, believing that education, is the road ought to choose for islah.
Adam ‘alayhi al-Salam was chosen to bear the responsibility of being the Khalifah of Allah, despite the risk of mischief and bloodshed, because Adam is different but unique. He is the thinking being, the learning being, so as his descendance. The ability to think, creating meanings, constructing knowledge, expanding understanding and application are what made Adam, the Khalifah.
The true meaning of education, has to remove the confrontation between the ‘natural’ child and ‘unnatural’ schooling, making both school and home as the natural environment of learning for our young Khalifah, synergizing parents and teachers to support learning in school as the holistic and universal model of learning. Khalifah Method expands the application from not only shaping excellent character as emphasized at primary school level, but also integrating subjects and fields of knowledge, at the epistemology level in the most organic way, to achieve the oneness of both Syariatullah and Sunnatullah in the essence of Tawheed.
Khalifah Model School (Secondary) is modelling an education system, beyond schooling. To Allah we place our faith, in upholding teaching and guiding our young Khalifah, as His trust. Siru ‘ala barakatillah.

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