Our Profile

Our Profile

Khalifah Model School (Secondary) is an integrated Islamic school that integrates Revealed Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge i.e. Syariatullah and Sunnatullah. We adopt the Cambridge system whereby International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the school exit point.

Our Vision
To be a premiere school in utilizing Khalifah Method in raising children to be excellent Muslims
To shape students towards excellence: high taqwa, motivated to learn, choose to do good and refrain from wrong.
Shared Value
“Shaping Excellent Character”
Contextual Learning
In KMSS, we believe that learning should not be confined within the four walls of a school. The academic subjects should also be learned not solely for examination purpose, but to aid us in fulfilling our khalifah responsibilities on earth.
To achieve this purpose, students undergo experiential learning and field research. The contents of this learning include language efficiency, character building, public speaking and other life-long learning modules such as farming, culinary, volunteerism and philanthropy activities, basic archeology and history, and students exchange program within and outside the country.
The Uniqueness of our School
The school as a whole (institution, curriculum and pedagogy) is run in accordance to Khalifah Method that was founded by Prof Muhammad al’Mahdi Jenkins. The Khalifah Method, our core practise, consists of three pillars:
Character and Disciplinary Building
Khalifah Model School (Secondary) uses reinforcement (reward system) and stays away, as much as possible, from any forms of negative disciplinary actions and harshness such as abusive words, insinuation that might humiliate students and also corporal punishment .Khalifah Method is the blueprint for schools to implement the concept of kind and firm, which is being gentle in our interaction but firm in enforcing principles and decisions.

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